Boundary Waters

by Boundary Waters

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released September 4, 2013

All songs written and produced by Andy Brommel and Jon Monteverde

Andy Brommel: vocals, guitars, bass, banjitar, trombone
Jon Monteverde: drums, programming
Benjamin McKinney: electric guitars on If-Then Sonnet
Nathaniel Braddock: trumpet

With deepest gratitude to Serena


tags: rock Chicago


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Boundary Waters Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Crooked House
Crooked house, your doors hang askew in their frames
Keeping nothing safe, leaking space unto space
Creaking cold
In static snow
My joints unfold to points unknown

Crooked house, your halls trace a forbidden shape
Seasons pass like days in your siren embrace
The floorboards bow
In creaking cold
As woolly figures come and go

Crooked house, your walls twist the night on itself
Til I can’t recall that I was someone else
In static snow
The TV drones
A thousand voices drown my own

We took great care
Laying the least part of you to rest
The rest I kept
To wrestle with for all the days I’m left
In our crooked house
Track Name: Brake Light Sonnet
My heart yet moves for empty space
For contour maps and waterways
And when I see a distant hill
I wish I were upon it

And yet I’m back where the angles meet
Hearing thunder in the morning train
Feeling currents underneath the streets
Swollen with the oily rain

Wind through potted trees
Whispers to me
To come back home
With my shield or on it

Brake lights profane the horizon
And street lights dim the sky
Track Name: Karate
An empty hand
An hour’s peace
A broken glass
A broken lease

Juvenile and retrograde
Talking in my sleep
Absent all my better days
Take me in my need

A silent string
A settled plan
An empty glass
An empty hand

Juvenile and retrograde
Talking in my sleep
Absent all my better days
Take me in my need
Track Name: Banners
Pumping fists in the un-self-conscious pose of youth
The less you know, the more the whole world burns with Truth

Thinking in banners
Writing in firebombs
Speaking in stars
Calling out questions
Taking the answers too far

Drinking deeply of the tides in a cup of tea
Whose torrents sweep away the structures of centuries

Thinking in labyrinths
Writing in vectors
Speaking in clouds
Calling out questions
Taking the answers too far

Thinking in glaciers
Writing in geodes
Speaking in prayers
Track Name: If Then Sonnet
If our dear seed should fall on rough terrain
And never find a furrow waiting for
And kick around forever wanting rain
A promise posed and waiting, never more

If our dear child should never learn a word
And all our voices clatter in his ears
And beat like wicked drumming overheard
And leave him wretched, cowering in fear

If our dear home should fall around our feet
A splintered mess of planks and broken beams
And all it never was would never be
A fiction failing at its hopeful seams

Then dearly I won’t condescend to grieve
But sleep within the sweetness I believe